Microsoft .NET (C#)

The .NET framework is one of the most popular framework architectures in the business world. We have a deep experience in this framework utilizing the C# programming language. One of the advantages of engineering software on the .NET framework is that many of the complexities a programmer would deal with in different languages and frameworks are handled automatically within the framework. The .NET framework has a proven track record of producing stable and effective applications.

Leveraging this architecture, our team has developed hundreds of applications which handle billions of transactional dollars daily. The applications we develop in this framework are secure, reliable, and efficient.

Data Engineering

The way that data is stored and access is crucial to the operation of an application. If it is done wrong, it can have disastrous impacts on an application. A critical application should have its database routinely checked and administered. As the competitive environment is evolving, it becomes increasingly important that a firm knows how to access and map its data. Considerations should be made for data warehousing and analytics.

Our team has handled projects for data warehousing, analytics, and database administration. We pride ourselves in our ability to develop precise and valuable data models at the discretion of our clients.

Web Development

Typically the phrase web development is associated with public websites and CMS applications like WordPress and Joomla!. Contrary to this assumption, many of today’s enterprise-grade applications have web front-ends. This allows the users to access the application without the requirement for any software on their PC other than a web browser. Considerations for a responsive (mobile friendly) design should be made in these cases as the devices employees use to access a web interface may change as the company and technology evolves in the future.

Our team has vast experience in web development, producing websites for both enterprise application platforms and public consumption.


Single page applications (SPAs) are gaining in popularity especially in application on web forms and enterprise applications. The SPA architecture acts much like a traditional desktop application by keeping the user on a single page and making AJAX requests to a server-side API. This allows for less page load wait time and gives the user the sense of a faster experience. Angular is a popular SPA framework that was introduced and maintained by Google.

Our development team has vast experience in Angular. We recommend that any enterprise application that has a web front-end or web form use Angular to provide gains in speed, performance, and maintainability.

Mobile App Development

It is important that mobile development is a discussion point in your business strategy to remain competitive in today’s technological environment. User behavior has shifted, and many people prefer to use mobile applications for just about everything. Developing an intuitive and useful mobile application could give you an edge over competitors who either do not have a mobile offering or offer a mobile app that is less user friendly.

There are many options when considering making the move to mobile platforms. Outside of the consideration of which platform to support (Android, Apple, Both), you will want to determine if a native application is worth the expense or if web application that has a mobile friendly layout will suffice for your needs. We can help direct you through these considerations and implement a mobile application that is the right fit for your business and audience.

API Development

We understand that in order to derive value from an application, the ability for the application to integrate with other platforms already installed within the company is key. Having to do manual data entry due to a lack of application program interface capabilities can create room for human error and is an unnecessary expense. Though many applications developed in the last 5 – 10 years have APIs, older applications may not.

All the applications we develop will contain API functionality to ensure that you can integrate with them when it is needed. We will also work with you to retrofit API functionality onto an existing application if it is feasible.